Wednesday, February 6, 2008



Tell the class about a very funny story that involves you and possibly other students in our class!

Be cool,
Mr. P

P.S. This will count as EXTRA CREDIT!


Anonymous said...

I remember the other day when somebody started dancing around and when people came in, they automatically started dancing too. It was really funny!

Anonymous said...

Last night, i went to johnny rockets,and the ladys started dancing, cause someone had a birthday.after a couple seconds, the 21 year old birthday boy got up and danced with them, it lasted for 5 minutes! ~Chase~

Anonymous said...

I was at rehearsals for Tom Sawyer and we randomly started talking about Dollar General. Our director had to give some notes on the previous rehearsal and he told us that our theatre company was going to team up with dollar general to give copies of the book tom sawyer to kids! then he said he had to tell a guy named micheal something when he got there and the second he said that micheal walks in! then on a lady named angela's line she ran in late aand said the line all in the same day!!!

Unknown said...

ok, so sarah and i were at lunch, and we started talking about something, and i was eating these delicious homemade brownies. something she said was really funny, so we started laughing a lot, then i dropped the brownie pieces in my jacket, and there were crumbs everywhere! we started laughing even harder, then she spit/slobbered when she was bending over laughing!!! we were eventually laughing so hard that our stomachs hurt, our throats hurt, and we were crying!!! our faces were almost purple too.
-annika adams