Thursday, October 25, 2007

October 25, 2007


I just wonder what some are your randon thoughts are? Please share! Please share funny thoughts, wishful thoughts, even serious thoughts!

Be Cool,
Mr. P


garret said...

the school dance was so much fun!!!

Janee' said...

the dance was the best! i danced with almost all my friends. it was very fun!

Chelsea said...

the dance was AWESOME!!!!!!!!!

Chelsea said...

My horoscope is Gemini too. My mom was also born in the year of the monkey.

Chelsea said...



Annika said...

the danve was cool. 4 chelsea ima virgo so is my mom. the dance was awesome!!!

Chelsea said...



Kia said...

I thought that the dance was so much fun. YOU got to dance with your friends I stayed with Teshena and Janee!But janee kept running off so i stayed with her .it was pretty awesome chelsea and olivia were dressed the best!Believe me!Also curtis he is pretty cool but I think he could be a little more active but he is so cute!What do youi think will make a good thought of randomness is ?Also Egypt Day could be one too!Also I'm an Aries!!!!!! =)

Anonymous said...



Damarcus said...

Groove in to the music!!!!Yah, this is random thoughts blog right?Chicken,Yeah!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!Nah,just playin the dance was awsome.

Moriah said...

I adore the polka dotyness. The dance was amazing. I dont think i ever jumped and screemed so much. My horoscope is a scorpio.

Flippin Sweet
as napolean dynamite would say

Moriah (spatic queen) said...

Im bored. Do you like milk or dark choclate? Do you like dogs or cats better? Would you rather take tap jazz or ballet classes? Do you like napolean dynamite? Is anybody here as spastic as i am? probably not. What is ur fave word? DO you write short hand much? My brothers are throwing pillows and books at me! they r in so much trouble when i am finished being spastic.

Moriah Williams said...

i'm bored

Anonymous said...

hey the dance was awesome :)


Anonymous said...

soulja boy up in this o watch me crank dat watch me ohh watch me crank dat soulja boy now super man that ooo now watch yoll crank dat soulja boy yol crank dat soulja yoll crank dat soulja boy yoll crank dat soulja boy soulja boy told ya

Anonymous said...

hi mr.p thanks for a gerat year so far

Your cool friend

Anonymous said...

soulja boy up in this o watch me lean and watch me rock watch super man dat o then watch me crank dat robo jock watch me crank dat robo im jockin on dat hata man when i do that soulja boy i lean to da left den crank dat thing now yo i am jokin on them and if we get the fightin then i am jokin on them u catch me at your local party yes i crank itt everyday haters gettin mad cause i got me some baby nats

Anonymous said...

anybody like dancing i do i also know that sarah does tooooooo

top 10 inside jokes between sarah and alize
3.the face her face
4.heart attack nooo
5.well...quit frankly
7. sagging to see boxers (ummm no)
8.dictionary defintions...
9.kenny (well not really)
10.he shaves ahhhhh
(11. dance you get it)

alize forever and always

MORIAH queen of the world fear me! said...

Moriah move cutis's box away. He scares me. -Alize October 30, 2007 jk i love u alize!

moriah said...

i meant curtis's.

Damarcus said...

The ECOA Dnace field trip was fun, funny, freaky, wild and also gurastic.It always kept you into the movement of the action that was going on.Also, did I mention that I love chicken, yeah, yo, another yeah, YEAH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!It's RANDOM THOUGHTS I BELIEVE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

sarah said...

its hallowen. yeah boi. im gonna be a dumb blonde! so i better practicee.

im a dund blundoe #2
^^ ded i spel that rite? im bad att geometrie.

wow, im good. "" NO comment""

1. wallet!
3. zedelepedis.
4. sag.
5. ahh hes having a heartattack!
6. well, quit frakily, i think that...
7. he.. shaves
8. dictionary defentions
9. the "other day after school"

haha good times alize :]

[[the dance was off the chain. i have a great times!]]

Janee' said...

i liked the dance it was fun. i am think Arbey's are u?

Anonymous said...

this is my song
i know someone who is really great really great really great i know someone who is really great and her name is allize

Tune to wheels on the bus

sarahhhhhh said...

umm..i want the phone to ring. cause im the answerer. && its fun to answer it :]
the echoa dance was cool

Alize' said...

I know someone who is really great really great really great i knopw sopmeone who is really great and her name is alize'

tune to wheels on the bus
By: Alize'

Corey said...


ALIZE' said...


sarah ray. said...

i am in a good mood. i love encore days. they are fun. but today like really feels like a me.

jsfdghdfhbdgdkss, ITS HALLOWEEN :]

Jacob said...

I just wanted to tell you Macintosh fans a little fact about the PowerPC G5 processor they put in the iMac before they switched to Intel Core Duo and Core 2 Duo:

When the G5 was released in 2005, it was the fastest processor in the world, faster then the Pentium III or Pentium IV. However, there were rumors about the Apple Macintosh switching to Intel, which was a big shock to PC users and Mac users. And the switch was revealed when Steve Jobs said:

"There's a tiny little problem with the PowerBook. It's no secret we've been trying to shoehorn a G5 into a PowerBook."

And the audience looked at Jobs waiting for the punch line:

"...and one of the things we said when we revealed the switch to Intel was that it wasn't just performance, it was performance per watt."

That's right. The G5 was so fast in desktops, that it would take up all the power supply in a laptop. The G4 was a little slower than the G5, and the G5 was two times faster. The battery would run out in minutes.

So, that's why you never found a G5 in a PowerBook, iBook, or MacBook.

Sami Alam said...

Since it's the random thoughts blog...

I like pie.

Olivia said...


-olivia :) (='.'=)


moriah said...

This is the song that never ends yes it goes on and on my friends.... random thoughts! i have a bad cold and my ears r ringing. i swear i got high on germ x today. I was realy loopy. just to warn u i will probably have lost my voive tomorow. so when i use a white board dont make fun of me!

Olivia said...

SPIDER PIG ROCKS! (')('')(') spider pig, spider pig, does whatever a spider pig does.

Olivia said...

Did somebody say GERM-X!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!

alize!!! said...

i would like to be secretary so please pretty please vote for me i really need your vote and if you dont believe i wont do the job right then your crazy so please vote for ME!!!!

alize(vote 4 me as secretary of 4-h said...

saerah i am going to practice being a dumb blonde with you

srah speks n thrd pers

well i loke att mny nail and then i forget wat i was doi ng o.m.g.
ttfn i thnk
well this messegee could go on forever of me trying to be a dumb blonde but it is pretty old now but... i agree with sami it is a random thoughts blog and i do like pie (well not really but what the hay anyway)
anbody like gresse the movie the original high school musical?
i like it alot!
we go together like buddabudaa budaascopbobdinchiwat i think?
that is a long word almost as long as superclafradglisticexpealidousious wich do you think is longer buttt... (wat the hay with it)

Remember vote for alize as secretary of 4-h please!!!!!!!

well um....

alize for secretary said...


Jacob Allen said...

I just wanted to tell you Windows fans another part of my PC expertise:

I am planning on actually building my own computer. I'm taking 1,909 dollars and 47 cents to make a desktop PC for the home market. It will be codenamed "Eighty Nine". It is a tower computer, and has an Intel Core 2 Duo processor running at 2.5 MHz. It has 3GB of memory, and a 160GB hard drive. I will be installing a floppy drive and CD drive into the bays. It will run Windows Vista Home Premium or for the home office market, Vista Professional. I will update you after I get the hardware and the case.

mmooorriiaahh!! ( like the coolest person ever) said...

Jacob how do u remember such long computer terms?!? woa! i could never do that. i would get distracted trying to learn it. i get distracted a ton. my arm hurts super bad from my shot! i mean shots. i a mso bored. my throat hurts. i can barely lift my leaft arm from the tetnus and meningitus shot. oooooooooooowwwwwwwwwwwwwww!!!!!!!!!!!!!! AAAAAAAAAAAAANNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNDDDDDDDDDDDDDD................

HIGH ON GERM X!!!!!!!!!!!!!

moriah said...

Goll dang my head hurts! and i ams so bored!!!!!!!!!!!!! i cant think of anything to do!!!!!!!!!!!! i might watch.... NAPOLEAN DYNAMITE! i can quote that movie from begining to end!
Napolean ur just jealos cuz ive been chatting online with babes all day. besides u and i both know that im training to be a cage fighter
Napolean: since when kip u have the worst reflexes of all time
Kip: try and hit me
napolean: what?
kip: come down here and see what happens when u try and hit me napolean
napolean: gosh, freekin idoit!

rex: bow to ur sensei. BOW TO UR SENSEI!
napolean: what the flip was grandma doin at the sand dunes?
Kip: its pretty cool i guess
Napolean: thi sis pretty much the worst video ever made.
kip: napolean like anyone could ever know that.
uncle rico: napolean u know u can leave
napolean: u guys are retarted

Napolean: i like ur sleeves. there real big.

napolean: do the chickens have large talons?

jacob said...

I remember long computer terms because I've been using computers since I was about two months old. And I got the stuff to build the PC. It should be finished by next week. When Microsoft gets it, it will be made in an assembly line and will be sold within the US as soon as I can get a patent. However, it will not DOMINATE the world like IBM, Apple, or Dell has.

Jacob the computer whiz said...

And I wanted to tell you the first PC I ever used:

1993 IBM Aptiva 2144 Professional Home Workstation

With Windows 3.1

And a 3GB Hard Disk. Wow. Small.

The first Mac I ever used:

iMac Bondi Blue (Revision A)

Mac OS 9.2.1

jacob the computer whiz said...

Well, the computer is finished, and is working with Windows Vista. I bought a Logitech Keyboard and an IBM Mouse for the computer. It has 6 USB ports. A new record. If anyone wants a picture, tell me.

MORIAH said...

how did u get the money to pay for the computer parts jacob?

jacob the computer whiz said...

How many people own a Dell?

And for Sami:

Sorry your house was burglarized.

jacob the computer whiz said...

I've had the money for sometime now. I even have enough left for my new laptop.

A Person said...

Guess who I am?

alzie hte h4 scretayr!!! said...

Spider pig spider pig does whatever a spider pig does he can fly but no he cant cause hes a pig a spiderrrrrrr ppppppppppppiiiiiiiiiiigggggggggggggggggggg!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

alize said...

You guys really need to keep on posting every other day the last post was in december nobody even put in a message to say happy new year so you guys are just pittiful the last post was by me! so get on ever other day that should be our new years resolution to get on every other day ok you got it now ok alright bye bye bye bye bye bye see ya!

alize said...

well you guys thought i was gone but i am not so you will just have to live with it sorry. well you have to live with me so over the computer should be better i know you love alize who doesnt no comment on that please got it got it good ok jose! jose hose with a h or jose with a j like the girl jocie but with an accent well jocie goes to our school if you didnt know but some people dont know alot of people who go to our school well this message was a little long to just tell you guys im back like a little scary movie but for real this time i am truley and sincerly gone!

alize said...

i am back no i am not i am back no i am not i am back no i am not i am back no i am not for real i am not!

Janee' said...

fine alize'. hey how yall doing? i was watching norbit the other day (again) and i have a knew thing i am goin to say how YOUR doin'?

Anonymous said...

I thought I'd share with you what I am currently doing with computers:

I am collecting vintage Macs from 1984-2002. I currently have two. Here is one I am looking at on the Web:

PowerMac G4 Cube
450MHz PlowerPC G4 CPU (Central Processing Unit) (MHz=Megahertz)
40GB Hard Disk (GB=Gigabyte)
USB 2.0
FireWire 400
256MB RAM (Random Access Memory)
512k Backside Cache (pronounced "cash")

This computer cools without a fan, and is inside an 8x8 cube. A slot load DVD drive is on the top of the computer.

sarah! said...

hey kids =]

we're in school [[encore day]] AYE BAYBAY. today was like supaa fun. except for the fact that i ran into a tree :[

haha oh well. im happy.
my number is...

Jacob said...

Pretty soon, I will not be using the iBook G4s they have at the school. I will have an original iBook G3 that I bought off of eBay. I wanted to tell Damarcus and Janee this because our table only needs one laptop.

Anonymous said...

All you people in encore won't understand this so you might as well just go read another ccomment. I'm serious! If your in encore LOOK AWAY! DOWN SET!!!! BLUE 42! MY NAME IS JOHNIE! I LIKE PB&J! SET!

Anonymous said...

how are you guyses doin on thes 4h posterses? im almost finished. im borded!

Anonymous said...

5 4 3 2 1 hahaha! ahhhhhhhhhhhhh! that was so retardondo! but funny. text me sometime! my number is 830 7426

Anonymous said...

applesforstars is moriah

Anonymous said...

bored!!!!!!!! im becky in tom sawyer! yes!!!!!

Anonymous said...

You all know that I am very fond of computers. Well, I have came up with the basis for a new software and electronics territory in the world of technology. I am in no way a competitor of Hewlett-Packard, Compaq, Dell, Apple, Acer, IBM, Sony, Toshiba, or any other electronic manufacturer. I am now the chairperson and CEO of an independent company called InterSoft, or Interactive Software and Electronics.

InterSoft has three major product departments. I will explain them to you:

Wing 1- Computer Software
This department works in producing software for the Windows, Macintosh, and Linux platform that can improve computer systems such as virus scanners, photo editors, text editors, website editors, Free OpenSource operating systems, and all that great stuff.

Wing 2- Personal Computer Systems
This department works in the producing of computer systems for the market of today. They will usually come with either Windows or Linux, but due to the Mac Clone regulations, they cannot be preloaded with Mac OS. They are sold by the categories of Consumer Systems, Professional Systems, and even a server line.

Wing 3- Misc. Electronics
This department will probably be my largest factor of InterSoft. It works in the producing of calculators, TVs, DVD players, cellular phones, cameras, etc. It will probably make more profits than the other two departments.

In possible development is Wing 4, which works in video games.

The special thing about InterSoft is that we produce our products the way the consumer wants it to be. Unless the consumer wants it, they will not buy it.

When you read this part of the email, you will probably think I am an expert in business, too:

I have open positions for main staff:
COO (Chief Operating Officer)
CFO (Chief Financial Officer)
Senior Vice President of Worldwide Product Marketing
Senior Vice President of the Software Department
Senior Vice President of the Personal Computer Department
Senior Vice President of the Misc. Electronics Department
Senior Vice President of Software Engineering
Senior Vice President of Retail
Senior Vice President of Applications
Senior Vice President
President of Company

The General Counsel position will only be available to an experienced lawyer.

I also have 8 open positions for a board of directors.

I will need some product ideas from you guys. I will be seeking help from a business fund administration to start this business.

You will recieve a video in another email soon of me explaining how the board of directors and executives will be elected. This is a class vote, and you can only vote for a candidate once.

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

i miss doing the play tom sawyer!! sob!
no longer but 4ever becky
or moriah

Moriah but i prefer becky said...

omg! alize i love grease!!!!!!!!!!! we go together like bamalamalamadadangdidadingdadong! oh ya!!! Supercalifragilisticexpialadocious!!!!!! what and souicodalaipxecitsiligarfilacrepus! what now!! i spelled it backwards! oh yea baby! i love spelling that!!!!!

MORIAH!!! said...

rex: bow to ur sensei

Napolean: what the flip was grandma doin at the sand dunes?

kip: napolean, like anyone could ever know that

MORIAH!!!! said...

do the chickens have large talons?
will said that if i hit damarcus with my hair again damarcus is going to do something but i dont know what? hhmmmmm...... ofh well! iim hyper and like really being *spasy* is that a word? wait what was i gonna say? crap i forgot oh well! i forget stuff a lot! like evrybody got sunburned on field day! it hurt! i saw this dance company called alvin ailey last nighgt. amazing! it was like, echoa, hip hop, ballet, traditional african, club, jazz, break dancing. yeah. it was cool. pie is goood!!!!!!!!!!!!! omg! i forgot again. i miss tom sawyer my peepslllsss! text me! 830 7426. im sooooooooo bored and.... i forgot crap! dang flab it to a rabbit!!!! have any of you seen monty python and the holy grail? it is so funny! go get us a shrubbery! a what? a shrubbery! you would have to see it to understand. safe at last scares me! shudder creepy!!! oh yeah its creepy! word homeskillet! yeah yo! this is when people stare at me like im crazy or something!! where did they get an idea like that? no comment. you guyses need to read twilight!!! it is insanly amazing! i read in nonstop for 7 hours!!!!!!
this is a songgg! for your old sick penguin hes got a fever and his toes are blue but if i sing to your old sick penguin he shoule feel better! in a day or two! yodelady yodelady yodelady yodelady yodelady yodeloohhh yodellady yodellady yodellady yodelady yodelady yodelloo ooooo!!!

Anonymous said...

Ok. I'm going to give you four clues to who I am. If you think you know who I am, post a comment saying who you think I am. Yeeeah!
1.I'm awesome!!!
2.I'm really good at saying "Would you like fries with that?"
3.I can't rap.
and quatro.I'm really awesome!!!

sarahh! said...

im talking to annika on the phonee right now, so we decided to post a comment on here [[blast from the past]]
that was lame. bahah

welllll;; i really miss 6th grade :[
haha, my phone just died, sorry annika. :D
yeahh, i am so bored. and tired. i am grounded "/ thats why i am bored.
so yeahh, byee PK'S! (:

-sarah rayhayhay.
sarah ray.

sarahh! said...

im talking to annika on the phonee right now, so we decided to post a comment on here [[blast from the past]]
that was lame. bahah

welllll;; i really miss 6th grade :[
haha, my phone just died, sorry annika. :D
yeahh, i am so bored. and tired. i am grounded "/ thats why i am bored.
so yeahh, byee PK'S! (:

-sarah rayhayhay.
sarah ray.

aNNiKa. :] said...

im talking to sarah on the phone right now. yeah, we miss 6th grade; asdfghjkl!

yeah yeah. it was the best year ever. me and sarah are looking all on mr.p's coolio website, and we both were like "this brings back lotsa memories!" haha. yeah. so... 7th grades cool. :]

made lotsa new friends, but still tight with my old bffs. haha. well... ill talk to some of yall later i guess... bahaha. well... illy!

-aNNiKa. :] asdfghjkl;'

Anonymous said...

Your all stupid!

Annika said...

HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHHAHAHAHAHAHAHA. sarah&me were just sitting in i.s. and we decided lets look at the website!

well, we miss sixth grade.
tried to get on our gaggles; didnt work.

well, byyeee (: